Gold Tablecloths Fabric Care

The table linens should be laundered at home using normal washing machines and regular dryers. Wash them with similar colors in cold water using home detergent. Never use bleach as well as detergent that may contains bleach.

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To minimize tablecloth wrinkles, remove the table linens from the dryer while it's still a little warm. Then fold and store away, or use immediately.


Do not dry the table linens in very high temperature laundromat dryers, as these drying temperatures in excess of 180°F can damage the fabric and create permanent wrinkles on your linens.

To prevent the dye color from fading, the temperature of the water should be near 150°F to 160°F . Our table linen's colors do not fade, even after dozens of washings, and they are wrinkle-resistant and food stain resistant.

The ironing temperature should be no higher than 320°F, and you should store your tablecloths in an area with proper ventilation.